Famous Stars of Automotive History

Rally is one of the oldest forms of motor sport. Its origins are rooted in the Paris-Rouen 1894 off-road competition and the 1911 Monte-Carlo Rally, which are usually referred to as the earliest rally competition.

This makes the rally, at least 40 years older than Formula 1, and although the latter enjoys much greater popularity, including thanks to more convenient viewing on the ring tracks, the experience of watching live rally racing leaves a special impression.

In addition, since most rally cars are based on production models, although their interconnection is very weak, it also attracts more attention from ordinary fans. Especially when they see the familiar Ford Focus , jumping over the horizon.

The ten best rally cars presented below are not always the fastest or most successful on paper, but each of the models has left an indelible mark on the rally world, continuing to evoke pleasant memories from different generations of sports fans to this day.

1. Austin mini cooper

Austin Mini, with its revolutionary powerplant and chassis, as well as due to its low weight and excellent driving characteristics, challenged eminent rivals in motor sports, being in the category of small cars.
Regularly ahead of more powerful and cumbersome cars on difficult rally tracks, the Austin Mini won the Rally Monte Carlo three times, and has since become a cult car in the history of motor sports. Being the exact opposite of current tourbons, this is probably the most successful small front-wheel drive car in history.

2. Ford Escort

The Ford Escort model has been an integral part of the world rally for decades, and the Escort RS1600 model built in the 1960s, based on the Escort Twin-Cam, launched the expansion of the 60s of the last century. Cars of this series have received improved engine, reinforced body and a special suspension to withstand extremely …

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