Baltimore, the largest city in Maryland is filled with several markets, museums, monuments, and other amazing sights. A trip to Baltimore can be rewarding. Historically, Baltimore is remembered because of its Fort McHenry. The number one hack when visiting this historical city is to use a rental car. Here are the must-see places in Baltimore.

1. National Aquarium

This is one of the tourist hotspots in Baltimore. This amazing complex that overlooks the inner harbor hosts a kelp forest, Pacific and Atlantic coral reefs, Amazon river forest, open ocean environments, hidden sealife, Australian aquatic life, life in the seashore and much more. The major highlight of the national aquarium is the Tropical Rain Forest. This forest is a complete environment that has a height of five stories. Visitors can explore the forest floor up to the top canopy. You will multiple types of frogs, birds, and even large mammals such as monkeys and sloths. At the Atlantic Coral Reef Exhibit, you will meet dolphins, sharks, and multiple exotic species.

2. American Visionary Art Museum

This unique museum displays arts of self-taught artists from all over the globe. The good thing is that you will experience a lively celebration of the creative spirit. Be ready to see sculptures made from fabric collages, toothpicks, costumes created for festivals, intricate embroidery, art by incarcerated people and fork art from all over the world.
The main building is an artistic wonder and has won many awards for its striking beauty and design. You can also enjoy exhibits from the Chinese New Year Parade. Remember to visit the museum’s quirky shop for unique souvenirs and gifts.

3. Baltimore Museum of Art

This is the largest art museum in Baltimore and features arts from all over the globe. The art covers a wide range of styles and periods. It also contains the largest collection
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If you are planning for a vacation then you must know how to pick a car rental for your trip. When renting a car, everyone’s objective is to minimize costs as much as possible. However, if you are not familiar with rental cars then you might find yourself trapped. Although predicting car rental rates might be difficult, you can save some money with these top 5 tips. Besides, the process is bound to be a lot easier with these hacks in mind.

So, let’s get right into it!

1. Book Early to Save

Similar to accommodation and airfares, prices for rental cars can get higher especially during holidays when everyone is traveling. Due to the high demand for cars, some suppliers might raise rental fee and you might be forced to take the deal if you have no other option. However, booking far in advance could save you. It helps you to get the best deals and enables you to pick your choice from a wide range of cars.

2. Compare Rental Agencies

While big brands such as Avis, Hertz or Enterprise might be expensive you can find small brands with better rates. You can search online using traveling agencies to compare different rental offers. Pick the one that you feel comfortable with.

3. Go for Cheap Rental Cars

Depending on your taste, you can decide to go for the cheap cars that will cost you less as compared to premium brand rentals. Economy cars are usually the best if you want to cut expenses and are often likely to be booked. So, you can use the benefit of booking early to get an economy car that will save you from spending lots of money while on the road.

4. Consider the Environment

Choosing the type of car for your trip is dependent on where you are planning to